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Dollar Car Hire at Heathrow Airport

Car hire in Heathrow Airport offers you the freedom to begin your London holiday the moment you touch down. Located about 23 miles from the heart of London, Heathrow offers easy access to a host of popular destinations such as Windsor, Bath and Oxford. Pick your choice of car with Dollar Car Hire in Heathrow Airport, and set forth on a journey to discover the abundant charms of London.

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Mon-Sun 24 hours

Our Dollar Car Rental desk is conveniently located inside Terminal 3, close to the baggage claim area and chauffeur services. Our staff at the counter will be happy to help you book your desired car hire in Heathrow Airport. Afterwards, make your way to the Northern Perimeter Road car park where you can pick up your car hire. 

That’s all it takes to rent a car at Heathrow Airport!  

Dollar Car rental in Heathrow Airport offers customers a wide array of vehicles to choose from - pick a compact car for city sightseeing or climb aboard an SUV for your adventure-filled off-road travels.

EV car hire

Apart from being an eco-friendly choice, an electric vehicle gives you the added advantage of avoiding central London’s congestion charges. Hire a full-size car for a spacious ride or opt for an Economy Elite. London is EV friendly - there are close to 13,000 charging points scattered across the city.

SUV car hire

Conquer every terrain with an SUV. With larger boot space and the ability to handle rugged roads, an SUV is ideal for a family getaway.

Compact car hire

Manoeuvre your way through the famed back streets of London, and navigate tight spaces with ease with our compact cars - choose between an automatic or a manual transmission.

Crossover car hire

Be assured of comfort, affordability and style with our automatic intermediate cars - well-suited for both city streets and motorways. 

Mini car hire

Book a small city car to navigate the bustling city of London. With exceptional agility, our mini cars should be your go-to option for zipping around the city.

Economy car hire

Our economy manual car options are both affordable and spacious - the proverbial best of both worlds!

On the bucket list of hodophiles around the world, a trip to London promises a string of beguiling experiences. A tapestry of historical monuments - such as the glorious St Paul’s Cathedral - and stunning modern-day icons - such as the London Eye - the London cityscape never ceases to surprise.  

Get a car hire at Heathrow Airport and explore the city at your own pace. Dollar Car Hire in Heathrow Airport is also an ideal gateway for attractions beyond the city:

Windsor is 12 miles away – explore the world's oldest and largest occupied castle.

Stonehenge is 70 miles away – get ready to be fascinated by the enigma surrounding these ancient stones.

Oxford is 48 miles away – soak up the rich atmosphere of this revered seat of academic heritage and learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I need to extend my rental or upgrade to a larger vehicle at the time of pick up?

You can extend your car Hire in Heathrow Airport or upgrade to a larger vehicle subject to availability. Additional charges will however apply.

Is there a charge for late returns?

Yes. Late return charges will be imposed to compensate for costs incurred in finding an alternative vehicle for the next booking, and administrative costs in contacting you for the return.

Will I be charged as soon as I book the car rental?

When you pick up your Dollar Car Rental in Heathrow Airport, a certain amount of money will be blocked on your credit card. This is an estimation of the price of your chosen car hire including one tank of fuel. Once you return the car and the payment is settled, the blocked amount is released.

Is there a refund for returning the vehicle early?

No, there is no refund for returning the vehicle before the agreed-upon rental period ends.

How does changing a rental reservation affect the rental charges?

If you modify your rent a car in Heathrow Airport reservation, we will adjust your rental charges in accordance with current prices, which could be either higher or lower than the earlier price quoted.

Where Can You Find Car Hire at London Heathrow Airport?

Dollar Car Rental has a strategically located counter within London Heathrow Airport, making it straightforward for travelers to locate their London Heathrow airport car hire service upon arrival. This ensures a smooth transition from your flight to starting your journey in London.

How Do I Get to the Main Motorways from Heathrow?

Dollar Car Rental staff at Heathrow are well-versed in local knowledge and can provide you with detailed directions to the main motorways from the airport. Whether you're heading towards Central London or planning to explore the UK further, you'll get all the guidance you need as part of your London airport car rental experience.

What Documents Do I Need to Hire a Car at London Heathrow Airport?

To hire a car with Dollar Car Hire in Heathrow Airport, you'll typically need a valid driving license, a credit card for the deposit, and additional identification such as a passport. Dollar Car Rental emphasizes a streamlined process, ensuring your London airport car rental pickup is as hassle-free as possible.

What Petrol Stations are Near Heathrow?

There are several petrol stations located near Heathrow Airport, convenient for filling up your London airport car rental vehicle before returning it. Dollar Car Rental staff can provide you with a list of nearby stations and their operating hours, ensuring you can easily refuel as needed.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car at London Heathrow Airport?

Dollar Car Rental offers competitive pricing for London airport car rental, with rates varying based on the type of vehicle, rental period, and any additional services or insurance you opt for. For the best deals, it's advisable to book in advance and check for any special offers.

What is the Cheapest Car Rental Company at London Heathrow Airport?

While prices can fluctuate, Dollar Car Rental is known for offering affordable options among London airport car rental services. They provide a range of economy and compact cars that cater to budget-conscious travelers.

What is the Best Rental Car Company at London Heathrow Airport?

Dollar Car Rental is renowned for its customer service, extensive fleet, and competitive rates, making it a top contender for the best London airport car rental company. Customer satisfaction and convenience are at the forefront of their service.

Which Car Rental Companies Will Pick You Up at London Heathrow Airport?

Dollar Car Rental offers a convenient pick-up service at London Heathrow Airport for travelers who have made prior arrangements. This service ensures a seamless experience for those looking to commence their journey quickly and efficiently with a London airport car rental.


FOR RENTALS IN ITALY - from 15th Nov to 15th Apr many cities in specific Italian regions are required by law to restrict rentals to only those vehicles equipped with snow chains or winter tyres. To comply with these regulations, Dollar equipped vehicles with snow chains - the price is included in the rental charges as Winterisation fee. Hence, for these vehicles there’s NO NEED TO BOOK snow chains as Extra.

IMPORTANT: Please check the rate details of your quotation on the right of this web page to verify if your booking includes Winterisation fee before booking snow chains in Italy.