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Car Hire in Oxford

Steeped in a fascinatingly rich tapestry of education, history and culture, Oxford is not just a city; it's a living, breathing museum of knowledge. Its revered university stands as a testament to centuries of intellectual pursuit. Each building, each spire, tells the story of the city’s enduring commitment to learning and knowledge production. As you stroll through its famed cobblestone streets, it is easy to be transported back in time, surrounded by the echoes of great scholars and thinkers.

For an immersive experience, you are sure to find Dollar Car rental in Oxford useful. We offer a range of vehicles to suit your needs, from compact cars that are ideal for navigating Oxford’s narrow streets to spacious SUVs - perfect for exploring the countryside. With affordable and dependable car rental options, you can chart your course, - be it a visit to the iconic Radcliffe Camera, or a trip to the serene Botanic Garden - with ease.

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Oxford - Osney Mead

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When you hire a car in Oxford, finding a good parking spot is crucial. Here are two safe and convenient options:

Westgate Shopping Centre Car Park

  • Paid Parking
  • Close to Oxford Railway Station
  • Perfect for exploring Westgate Shopping Centre and nearby attractions

Thornhill Park and Ride

  • Paid Parking
  • Near Thornhill Park and Ride bus station
  • Easy access to the city centre and its attractions

For electric vehicle users, Oxford offers charging points at:

  • Redbridge Park and Ride near the park and ride facility
  • Westgate Car Park in the city centre
  • Fastned Charging Station, Abingdon Road - open 24hrs.
  • In residential areas, the speed limit is usually set at 20 mph (32 km/h) to prioritise pedestrian and cyclist safety
  • On main roads within the city, the standard speed limit is 30 mph (48 km/h)
  • It’s crucial to watch for road signs as speed limits can vary across areas

Complying with these speed restrictions is essential for your safety and to avoid any fines while exploring Oxford.


  • Begins in London and runs through Oxford, heading west to Fishguard in Wales
  • Passes through scenic Cotswolds, making it a popular route for travellers


  • Connects Winchester in the south to Salford in the north, intersecting Oxford
  • Known for facilitating travel between the South Coast and the Midlands


  • This is a road between Bristol and Oxford
  • Offers access to Oxford's eastern areas and scenic countryside

Navigating Oxford’s traffic can be a bit tricky, with congestion primarily concentrated on a few key routes:

  • A40 and A4142: These major roads leading into Oxford often witness heavy traffic during rush hours, especially around junctions and roundabouts.
  • Morning Rush (8:00 AM - 9:00 AM) and Evening Rush (5:00 PM - 6:30 PM): These are the peak hours for traffic in Oxford, as commuters and students navigate the city. Planning your travel outside these times can help you avoid delays and enjoy a smoother journey.

A road excursion to Stratford-Upon-Avon from Oxford is an excellent idea, as it offers a delightful journey through verdant English countryside to the birthplace of Shakespeare, the world’s greatest bard.

  • Get on to M40 from A4144 and A34
  • Follow M40 to Warwickshire. Take Exit 15 from M40
  • Take A46 and Warwick Rd/A439 to Ely Street in Stratford-upon-Avon

Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of questions regarding Dollar car hire in the Oxford.

Is it convenient to rent a car in Oxford for exploring the city’s attractions?

Yes, renting a car in Oxford offers flexibility and ease in exploring the city and nearby attractions.

Can I drive a manual car using my automatic driving licence?

No, you cannot. However you may drive an automatic car on a manual licence.

Are there specific Dollar Car Rental locations in Oxford, and do they have a variety of cars available?

Yes, Dollar Car Rental has convenient pick-up locations in Oxford - including at the airport - with a diverse range of vehicles to choose from.

Can I book a Dollar Car Rental in advance online, and is it a straightforward process?

Absolutely, booking a Dollar Car Rental online in advance is easy and ensures a smooth start to your Oxford adventure.

Is there a low emission zone in Oxford?

Yes, the Oxford Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) has recently become operational. Full Electric or zero-emission vehicles being driven through the ZEZ do not have to pay a charge. However, all petrol and diesel vehicles will incur a penalty from 7am to 7pm.

How can I rent an electric car in Oxford with Dollar Car Rental?

You can easily rent an electric car in Oxford through Dollar Car Rental by visiting our website and selecting the Oxford location. Our fleet includes a variety of electric cars to meet your needs. Simply choose your rental dates, select an electric vehicle (EV) option, and complete the booking process online.

What types of electric vehicles are available to rent from Dollar Car Rental in Oxford?

Dollar Car Rental in Oxford offers a range of electric vehicles, including compact cars, sedans, and SUVs. Our electric fleet is updated regularly with the latest models to ensure a high-quality rental experience. Check our website for the current availability.

Are there any special requirements to rent an electric car from Dollar Car Rental in Oxford?

To rent an electric car from Dollar Car Rental in Oxford, you must have a valid driver's license, be over the age of 21, and possess a credit or debit card for the security deposit. Additionally, experience with electric vehicles is recommended but not required.

How does the charging process work for an electric car rental in Oxford with Dollar Car Rental?

When you rent an electric car in Oxford with Dollar Car Rental, we provide you with a fully charged vehicle and all the necessary information on charging stations in the area. Oxford has a growing network of public charging stations, making it convenient to recharge the vehicle during your rental period.

What are the benefits of renting an electric car in Oxford through Dollar Car Rental?

Renting an electric car in Oxford through Dollar Car Rental offers numerous benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, lower fuel costs, and a quiet, smooth driving experience. Additionally, our electric vehicles are equipped with the latest technology and comfort features to enhance your trip.

Can I book an electric car rental in Oxford with Dollar Car Rental for a long-term period?

Dollar Car Rental in Oxford offers flexible rental options, including long-term rentals for those who wish to rent an electric car for extended periods. Contact us directly for more information on long-term rates and availability.

Where can I find Dollar Car Rental locations to rent an electric car in Oxford?

You can find Dollar Car Rental locations across Oxford by visiting our website and using the location finder tool. We have convenient locations to serve you, including near major transport hubs and city centers.


FOR RENTALS IN ITALY - from 15th Nov to 15th Apr many cities in specific Italian regions are required by law to restrict rentals to only those vehicles equipped with snow chains or winter tyres. To comply with these regulations, Dollar equipped vehicles with snow chains - the price is included in the rental charges as Winterisation fee. Hence, for these vehicles there’s NO NEED TO BOOK snow chains as Extra.

IMPORTANT: Please check the rate details of your quotation on the right of this web page to verify if your booking includes Winterisation fee before booking snow chains in Italy.