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Car Rental Munich

Starting from 8.84 GBP per day*

* Rates include tax and are based on a 7 days car rental from 27-05-2024 - 03-06-2024 at Munich Airport Franz-Josef-Strauss

Steeped in history and brimming with Bavarian charm, Munich lives up to its name, "Home of the Monks." Home to the world-famous Oktoberfest, this vibrant city houses centuries-old buildings that line its charming cobblestone streets. Munich is a haven for beer lovers with its sprawling breweries and a shopper's paradise with bustling retail districts.

A car rental in Munich, Germany, is perfect for soaking in the diverse experiences the city offers. Take the scenic route to Neuschwanstein Castle or head to the beautiful Bavarian Alps in the comfort of your rental vehicle. Dollar Car Rental offers a carefully curated selection of vehicles that meets all your travel needs. With affordable, safe, and reliable options, your journey in Munich is guaranteed to be stress-free. Choose from eco-friendly hybrid and electric models or standard gasoline vehicles. Whether travelling alone or in a group, a private rental car is a safer alternative to crowded public transport, more so in our post-Covid world. Explore Munich your way. Book with Dollar Car Rental now!

Dollar car rental in Munich

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Found 4 Car Rental Locations in Munich

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  • time icon Mo-Fr 0900-1600, Sa 0800-1200, Su Closed
  • call icon 089 366993
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Munich, Laim

  • map icon LANDSBERGER STR 368-374 80687 MUNICH
  • time icon Mo-Fr 0800-1600, Sa 0800-1200, Su Closed
  • call icon 8954636750
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Munich Airport Franz-Josef-Strauss

  • time icon Mo-Fr 0600-2200, Sa 0800-1700, Su 0600-2200
  • call icon 899788614
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  • map icon INGOLSTAEDTERSTR. 170B 80939 MUNICH
  • time icon Mo-Fr 0800-1400, Sa 0800-1100, Su Closed
  • call icon 089 318 36 60

When parking in Munich, look for the blue-lined parking zones for visitors. On-street parking in Munich is paid. Some parking lots you can use in the city are:

  • Contipark Parkgaragengesellschaft (Rindermarkt 16): Offers over 260 paid parking spaces. It's a short 3-minute walk from Marienplatz.
  • Park and Ride (P+R) at Train Stations: Available at various train stations around the city. You can park your vehicle and take a train to the city centre. 

The prominent EV charging points in the city are the SWM Charging Station and the EWE Go Charging Station. Both stations operate 24/7. 

Munich has strict regulations when it comes to speeding. Here are the speed limits you should keep in mind when driving your car rental in Munich, Germany.

  • Urban Areas: 50 kmph
  • City Centre and Residential Areas: 30 kmph
  • City's Peripheral Areas: 100 kmph
  • Autobahn: High-speed motorways in Germany are called Autobahn, large sections of which have no speed limits. However, the speed is restricted to 130 kmph in certain areas.
  • Kardinal-Faulhaber-Strasse: This road begins near Promenadeplatz and stretches to Salvatorplatz. It passes historic sites, including the Residence Theatre.
  • Sendlinger Strasse: This street starts at Sendlinger Tor, a gateway that formed part of a mediaeval city wall. It is lined by boutique stores, Bavarian eateries, and St. Peter's Church.
  • Maximilianstrasse: Extends from Max-Joseph-Platz to the east, crossing the Isar River. This road, commissioned in 1850 and recognised as a royal avenue, is perfect for a leisurely drive in your car rental in Munich, Germany. 
  • Busiest Roads: The A8 from Karlsruhe through Munich to Salzburg, the A9 between Munich and Nuremberg, and the A95/B2 route to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, including the A99 bypass around Munich, consistently see heavy traffic.
  • Peak Hours: Maximum traffic typically occurs from 7-9 AM and 4-6 PM. Plan your travel in your car rental in Munich around these rush hours to avoid spending extended time in traffic.

Nuremberg is a historic city linked to World War II and is the second-largest city in Bavaria. The drive to Nuremberg in your car rental from Munich would take approximately two hours.

  • From Munich's centre, get onto A9 at Schwabing-Freimann via Widenmayerstraße.
  • Follow A9 towards Nuremberg for approximately 160 km. Exit at Kreuz Nürnberg-Hafen via Südwesttangente.
  • Continue onto Steinbühler Tunnel, and from Josephspl, continue onto Adlerstraße and into Nuremberg city. 

Munich is world-famous for its Bavarian culture and rich history. This city has many iconic landmarks and attractions that you can easily drive to in your car rental from Munich, Germany. Three places that deserve a spot on your must-visit list are:

1. Marianplatz

Marianplatz is the central square in Munich and is known for the Glockenspiel in the New Town Hall. The Glockenspiel is a fascinating mechanical clock featuring figures that re-enact historical  events at specific times daily. The best way to visit is by car hire in Munich, Germany; the area has both paid and free parking options available. 

2. The Munich Residence

If you are in the mood for some royal history, the Munich Residence is a must-visit.  This palatial complex served as the Bavarian monarchs' home for centuries. It features rich interiors and displays of art and furniture from the past. Conveniently located in the city centre, it is easily accessible by rental car and offers paid parking options nearby. 

3. Olympiapark

Originally built for the 1972 Olympics, the Olympiapark hosts numerous concerts and sporting events set against the backdrop of innovative German architecture. You can easily drive your rental car here as ample paid parking is available. 

Munich offers something for everyone - from thrilling adventures to delicious food and fascinating historical experiences. Here are three top things to do in this city:

  1. Surfing on the Eisbach: Experience the thrill of river surfing on the Eisbach, a man-made river in Munich. This challenging cold-water sport is a favourite among locals and tourists alike, offering an unusual alternative to surfing on the ocean. 
  2. Go on a culinary adventure: Embark on a culinary tour starting with a traditional breakfast at Schneider Bräuhaus, where beer complements your morning meal. Continue to Max Emanuel Brauerei for lunch, indulging in authentic Bavarian dishes, and cap it off with a delightful snack from the artisanal Bageri bakery. 
  3. Drive to Schleissheim Palace: In your car hire from Munich, Germany, go on a scenic drive to the grand Schleissheim Palace. Located just outside Munich, this historical site features magnificent baroque architecture and expansive gardens.
  1. Victuals Market: Nestled in the old town, this historic market dates back over 200 years and features 140 stalls. Shoppers can find fresh produce, Bavarian specialities, and more. The market also boasts cafes and a lively beer garden, open Monday through Saturday. 
  2. Kaufingertor Passage: The Kaufingertor Passage is home to an array of jewellery stores, fashion stores, and bakeries. This 70-metre-long shopping passage, which stands out for its awe-striking modern architecture, is one of the busiest shopping streets in Munich. 
  3. Neuhauserstrasse: Dating back to 1293, Neuhauserstrasse is a historic street featuring department stores like Oberpollinger and TK Maxx, alongside independent boutiques and street vendors offering everything from designer clothes to fresh produce.

In Munich, hire a car from Dollar Car Rental and explore the city’s nightlife with ease.

  1. Giesinger Bräu: Dive into the local brew culture at Giesinger Bräu, a popular brewery where you can sample craft beers made right in Munich. It's a great spot for beer enthusiasts looking to experience authentic Bavarian brewing. 
  2. MMA (Mixed Munich Arts): For a more eclectic night out, head to MMA, a unique venue that blends art, music, and club culture. Located in a former heating plant, MMA offers an avant-garde experience with a lineup of DJs and live performances.

Rental Fleet Munich

Discover budget-friendly vehicles for unforgettable travels*

Munich Airport Franz-Josef-Strauss
FORD FIESTA car rental in Munich
FORD FIESTA or similar
  • 5

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8.84 GBP per day*

Munich Airport Franz-Josef-Strauss
OPEL ADAM car rental in Munich
OPEL ADAM or similar
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8.84 GBP per day*

Munich Airport Franz-Josef-Strauss
OPEL ASTRA car rental in Munich
OPEL ASTRA or similar
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  • 3

9.42 GBP per day*

Munich Airport Franz-Josef-Strauss
OPEL INSIGNIA car rental in Munich
OPEL INSIGNIA or similar
  • 5

  • Manual

  • 3

9.74 GBP per day*

Munich Airport Franz-Josef-Strauss
FORD KUGA car rental in Munich
FORD KUGA or similar
  • 5

  • Manual

  • 3

18.81 GBP per day*

* Rates include tax and are based on a 7 days car rental from 27-05-2024 - 03-06-2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive in Munich with a foreign licence?

Yes, you can use your foreign driver's licence in Munich. It is advisable to get your licence translated or obtain an International Driving Permit.

What highways go around the city?

The highways that circulate Munich include the A9, which connects Munich with Nuremberg, the A8, which stretches from Karlsruhe through Munich to Salzburg, and the A95/B2 route leading to Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Can I cross into bordering countries from Munich?

Yes, you can cross into bordering countries in your car rental from Munich. However, you need to get approval for cross-border trips at the rental location and obtain the necessary documentation. You may have to pay a cross-border fee for such trips.

Which side of the road do I have to drive in Munich?

Always drive your car hire in Munich, Germany on the right side of the road. Use the left side of the road to overtake the vehicle in front of you.

What are the rules for child safety seats in Munich?

When travelling with children under 12 and shorter than 150 cm in an auto rental in Munich, ensure you have an appropriate child safety seat in your vehicle.


FOR RENTALS IN ITALY - from 15th Nov to 15th Apr many cities in specific Italian regions are required by law to restrict rentals to only those vehicles equipped with snow chains or winter tyres. To comply with these regulations, Dollar equipped vehicles with snow chains - the price is included in the rental charges as Winterisation fee. Hence, for these vehicles there’s NO NEED TO BOOK snow chains as Extra.

IMPORTANT: Please check the rate details of your quotation on the right of this web page to verify if your booking includes Winterisation fee before booking snow chains in Italy.